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AD PLUS 2.0 (Camera)

Streamax AD Plus 2.0 is an advanced dash camera with a built-in AI processor to detect driving events such as lane departure, forward collision, and improper driver behavior such as using mobile phones and not wearing seat belts. AD Plus can alert the driver in real time of dangerous behaviors, and upload events to a monitoring platform to be reviewed by a fleet manager to aid him in coaching the drivers to reduce traffic risks.


- Ultra Clarity: 1920 Road Facing Lens with 140 degree DFOV & 1080 Driver Facing Lens with 170 degree DFOV

- All-in-AI: 4-CH AI Dashcam, Professional ADAS & Improved DSC

- Safe Communication: Built-in MIC & Speaker with Echo & Noise Canceling Algorithm for Two Way Audio Communication

- In Cabin Feedback: Real-time Audio & Visual Alert

- Always Online: Access to Device Anytime Anywhere Regardless of Ignition Status

- Easy Installation Design: 15 Minutes Plug & Play Installation, Compact Size Compatible with All Vehicle Type

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