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(4G LTE)
Hardwired Tracker with BLE 5.0

TLW2-6BL hardwired trackers are usually used for tracking powered assets and vehicles. It has more inputs in addition to the basic model TLW2-2BL. It also has ignition detection and output for relay/buzzer/siren. When working with BLE sensors it can monitor the temperature, humidity, door status, etc. It’s a model you go with when you have a more complexed needs in fleet management, logistics, cold chain, etc.


- Real time and buffer locations

- 4G CAT-M1 and 2G fallback

- BLE 5.0 for sensors

- Ignition on/off alerts

- Disconnection Alerts

- Driver Behavior

- External power DC 7V-60V

- Multiple I/Os

-Low Power Consumption

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