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SolarGuardX 200
Solar powered cargo GPS Padlock

This Solar GPS Padlock is designed and developed for outdoor asset tracking telematic structures. It has a long-life battery, solar-powered with high charging efficiency, and is suitable for tracking and safeguarding assets such as containers, trailers, trucks, etc. The solar-powered E-lock for cargo reports alarms to the server for events of rope cutting, locking, and unlocking. Furthermore, our padlock can be opened both remotely and in the near field by either RFID and BLE or with commands via network and SMS.


- Real Time and Buffer Locations

- 4G CAT-1 and 2G fallback

- Rugged Construction

- Rechargeable Li-Polymer 14400 mAh/3.6V Battery

- Solar Powered Charging

- IP67 Waterproof

- Motion Detection

- Security Alarm

- Multiple Control Mode

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