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GV600MG (LTE Rechargeable Ruggedized Trailer Tracker)

The GV600MG is an LTE product specifically designed for heavy duty vehicles including trailers, tankers, refrigerated and flatbed trucks. Its ruggedized waterproof design ensures the product remains reliable when installed in the harsh environments commonly found in heavy transportation such as fuel and chemical transportation. The GV600MG can work for up to three months without external power, making it ideal for tracking trailers even when disconnected. The wide range of pre-integrated wired and wireless accessories provided either by Queclink, or our carefully selected partners, allows users to apply the GV600MG in various fleet industries. Additionally, this product supports dual power sources when mounted on refrigerated trailers and the serial interface is designed for integration with refrigeration unit protocols.


- Global LTE Cat M1/NB1 with 2G fallback using unique antenna solution

- Ruggedized and waterproof case that is IP67 compliant and designed for use in harsh environments

- Internal large battery pack with 120-day standby time, supports dual external power sources

- Supports BLE temperature and humidity sensor, BLE key fob and BLE padlock

- Ideal for trailer, tanker and flatbed truck tracking applications

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