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GV53MG (LTE Compact Vehicle Tracker)

The GV53MG is the upgraded LTE Cat M1/NB2 version of GV50MG. It integrates the latest low-power wide area network standards and covers a broader area, making it more flexible to deploy. It is a compact, ultra-thin product allowing covert and easy installation. The product offers basic digital I/Os that can be used for ignition detection and vehicle control. An extra configurable I/O enables flexible applications. The GV53MG supports AES-256 encryption to secure business-critical data, guard against unauthorized access and ensure data integrity. The product is designed for various use cases such as auto financing, buy here pay here (BHPH), car rental and leasing, basic fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery.


- Global LTE Cat M1/NB2 with 2G fallback using unique antenna solution

- Compact size for covert installation

- Ideal for a wide range of vehicle tracking applications, such as car leasing and buy here pay here (BHPH)

- Easy installation using an in-line connector

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