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AS500 (Long Standby Asset Tracker)

The AS500 long standby asset tracker is a reliable and durable device that meets the highest standards for waterproof and dustproof housing design. It has been certified with both IP69K and IP67 ratings, which means it is capable of withstanding harsh environments. Moreover, with its high-efficiency power-saving technology, the AS500 can operate continuously for up to ten years under daily use.

This asset tracker not only supports outdoor GPS but also provides Wi-Fi positioning and Bluetooth beacon technology, making it suitable for tracking mobile assets both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the AS500 has motion detection capabilities, allowing it to determine if a monitored object is moving or to calculate machinery's work hours via the built-in acceleration sensor. It can also establish a geofence to ensure that monitored assets are located or operated within an expected area.

AS500 is ideal for monitoring unpowered assets such as containers, generators, trailers, and more.

The AS500 Long Standby Asset Tracker features up to 10-year battery life and ruggedized enclosure. It is ideal for monitoring unpowered asset such as containers, generators, trailers, and more.

AS500 not only supports outdoor GPS, but also provides both Wi-Fi positioning and Bluetooth beacon, which enables to track mobile asset indoors.

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