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AS11 (LTE Asset Tracker)

AS11 External Antenna supports 4G LTE Cat.1/Cat.M1 and is equipped with rechargeable battery making it an ideal solution for asset management. With IP68 rated casing, AS11 is designed to operate under extreme environment against water and dust. It is also equipped with GPIOs for varieties of application expandability and flexibility by connecting to a wide range of accessories.


- Connectivity : 4G Cat.1 and Cat.M1 Connectivity
- Ruggedized Enclosure: IP68-rated hosing design for water and dust protection
- Wide Range of Applications: GPIOs allow for a wide range of applications.
- 3-axis Accelerometer: Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for detecting impact.
- Bluetooth: Optional Bluetooth 4.1 for IoT applications.

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