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AL300 (LTE-M Waterproof Tracker)

AL300 is an ideal waterproof tracker for monitoring vehicles, applied to the management of fleets, construction, farm machinery, and motorcycle. Optional CAN Bus enables retrieving detailed vehicle engine data by ISO 15765-4 or SAE J1939 protocols. AL300 also supports optional Bluetooth which enables connect with wireless sensors for various IoT applications.

With the IP67 waterproof and dustproof functions, dust can be completely prevented from entering the AL300, and function normally in any harsh environment. The AL300 enables remote monitoring of vehicle mileage, speed, fuel consumption, battery level, and other data and provides such data to fleets for big data analysis. This will help fleets reduce fuel consumption and identify potential problems, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.


- Connectivity : LTE-M connectivity with 2G fallback

- Waterproof Enclosure: Ruggedized enclosure compliant with IP67

- CAN bus : Support CAN bus for getting detailed vehicle engine data

- Bluetooth : Bluetooth connectivity for wireless sensors or IoT mobile App

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