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AK500 (LTE Cat.4 Telematics Gateway Tracker)

AK500 is a multifunctional telematics gateway featuring LTE Cat. 4 high-speed wireless mobile network with 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth, driver behavior monitoring, and real-time positioning and supports multiple communications interfaces that can obtain engine data from various vehicles and heavy machinery including fuel level, mileage, engine speed, idle time, etc.

AK500 can assist customers with in-depth data analysis and early detection of potential problems for preventive maintenance. In addition, the AK500 provides numerous interfaces that can be connected to various sensors such as tire pressure monitors, ID card readers, etc.

It is ideal for fleet management and heavy machinery management.


- Connectivity : LTE Cat.4 connectivity with fallback 3G

- Multiple I/O : Multiple interfaces for various monitoring and control

- Bluetooth : Bluetooth for wireless sensors or Mobile App

- CAN bus : Supports vehicle bus for getting detailed vehicle engine data

- Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi hotspot allows other devices to access the internet

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